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Holy sea cow! Debby sure stirred things up in Marco Island last week!

My family and I vacationed on the small island on the southwestern gulf coast of Florida – right in the midst of a gosh-darned tropical storm.

But no matter how big those waves got, or how horizontal the palm trees were, it didn’t keep me and my fam from having the time and storm of our lives.

I took tons of photos using Camera+ and Instagram. I highly recommend these two apps for instant vacation gratification. My folks got into the iPhoneography  groove.




After weathering Tropical Storm Debby, getting stung by a baby jellyfish, getting surf rash on my arms and legs, and braving monstrous waves, we are home – safe and sound and already missing that pretty sand between our toes.





I literally ran for my life from the beach- about 3/4 of a mile away- to this tree by the pool. I saw the storm coming in from the south side of the beach. I wasn’t wearing shoes. I knew I’d be in a mess if I got my camera stuff wet. When have I ever run that hard and fast? I don’t know if I ever have. It was actually scary. Just look at the before and after!! I made it to the stairs in the nick of time with about 5 seconds to spare.



With the storm came great opportunities to explore the island. Old Marco is just as you’d imagine an old fishing town to look like, quaint and sweet and right up my ally. While the other side of the island is what you’d expect to see from all the rich folks buying Florida-peach winter homes and would be right up my ally if I could afford it. Beach exploration was a must and amazing shells were everywhere after the storm. I also found a shark’s tooth!

Calling all shark experts!!! Identify my shark tooth please! 

We think it’s a Tiger or Bull shark. 






We ate awesome seafood at Quinn’s and CJ’s on the Bay.



We breakfasted at Mango’s which is the cutest family restaurant ever. The whole family works there – aunts, cousins, grandparents! How sweet is that? Then we found the coolest little fish company that also cooks their fresh catch. They are the only fisherman/restaurant combo on the island. Lee Be Fish was awesome… “Fish for the People”!! The fish n chips dipping sauce was a tartar curry explosion. Thanks Lou! And the fun mailbox guy from upstairs – Keep up the good work!

Have you tried using Camera+ and Instagram for your vacation pictures? How did you like it?












Here we go! I’m taking the KansasLoveBird team (yep, TEAM) to the Prairie! More to come. Be sure to follow on instagram and twitter for instant updates: @Kansaslovebird #flinthills #kansaslovebird

I’m taking along goodies. Love you, lovebirds.

My Grandpa’s gorgeous Minolta


What a cute little fishy.

120 film

Dreamy with “The Dreamer”


A sincere thank you to all of you who stopped by to read about my adventures and life in the Midwest. From my family to yours, we genuinely thank you! Keep on with that adventurous spirit stay tuned for more creative people, travels, eats, and my own personal brand of nutty hijinks, and don’t forget to keep your sunny side up! Next stop, The Great Sand Dunes and other adventures coming soon; I sure hope to see some buffalo and those space-agey wind mills!! Largest ball of twine, here I come (my husband’s a good sport).

More to come…

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I tell you what! This Midwestern gal loves a good adventure. And I’ve seen a LOT of places and have had a LOT of adventures. Anyone who wants an amazing Caribbean adventure should definitely go to Puerto Rico. Not only are there amazing winding backwood mountain roads, there are beaches: lush and beautiful, on each side of the island. On the north eastern side you see the Atlantic Ocean with huge crashing waves carving the rock and stone. To the southwest you have the beautiful calm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea in Guanica and Ponce.

Forget your GPS. Our paper maps didn’t even work consistently. But isn’t getting lost half of the fun? It was for my rainforest mountain beach adventure in Puerto Rico. The first day we counted 14 rainbows. I knew I was in paradise.

Downtown Old San Juan is so beautiful with its hundreds-of-years-old brightly colored buildings and homes. The cobblestone streets covered in moss and the gorgeous patios are such a treat. Other than Old Town Alexandria (Virginia, that is, where I spent much of my childhood wandering and dreaming) Old Town San Juan might just be my new favorite place to take architectural photogs.

Mofongo is the national dish made with plantain and all kinds of other ingredients like crab or pork. I hadn’t eaten pork in nearly 15 years and I had to try the pork mofongo. Holy cow (pig?) it was good! Back in the States, I still don’t eat pork but I do dream about that mofongo.

Perhaps the most memorable part of my adventure in Puerto Rico was the midnight kayaking: under a new moon, through a mangrove forest. If that’s not magical enough for you, read on!

I drove into what seemed like uncharted areas (uncharted on our maps) east of El Yunque Rainforest. Into the twisty winding roads past tons of roadside food stands (coconut water is a must!) going deeper and deeper into a little mountain town near Fajardo to see the bioluminescent bays of Puerto Rico. These waters were so magical! If you ever wanted to believe in magic, the bioluminescent bays of PR is where you will see it. When you touch the water, it glows like blue fire. If you splash your body, you are suddenly covered in blue diamonds! This is all from little single-celled organisms (algae) that bioluminese when touched. Think of fireflies in the summer. Except blue. Gorgeous deep blue fire light. No exaggeration. It’s science. In fact, our kayak tour was led by marine biologists who study the organisms. It was so amazing. What’s more, my Spanish came back to me! Now that’s real magic!!

Have you ever been to Puerto Rico? What was your favorite place?