Thoughts on blogging:

Thank goodness for all those creative people out there! Writers, artists, dreamers UNITE! I have a soft-spot for the Midwest, but I simply adore Seattle and all its deliciousness and Washington, DC – (Old Town, Alex, my heart). Wherever I am, I never stray too far from a camera. With natural hiatuses short-lived, I hope to return the wiser…

Thoughts about me:

So much to do so little time! I’m happiest when I’ve got a nice healthy to-do list. Meaning, it needs to consist of outdoor stuff, vacationing, photographing, and playing, etc… Favorite things: being outdoors, tending my garden, trying out new gear, meeting artists, writing about art, making art, taking advantage of my amazing Midwest city and sharing all of this with my family.

Have you ever been to the Midwest? Where is your favorite place? Much love!! Your comments are awesome!

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