My mother was born in a town called Independence. My grandmother is sassy and got her first tattoo after the age of 73.  My aunts have their own wild/awesome ideas. My stepmom got her bachelors’ degree just a few years ago. My best friends and family are the most go-gettingest people I’ve ever known.

I’ve always been influenced by people who don’t dare sit idly on their dreams. They do not chase dreams, they grab them while embracing current reality, and make things happen.

So some of you might be wondering: “What the heck is Love Bird Photo?” While others’ might say, “Who’s this Kansas Love Bird?”

Here is the clear and simple answer:

Love Bird Photo is my dream come true. It’s the reality of years of interviewing artists and designers, making art and going to art school having art shows, loving people and their stories, and most of all, my undeniable passion for that shutter click. I take long hiatuses, but I’ve always got a plan that continues to build and grow. Whether I’m researching web design (who better than myself to make my perfect website!!??), figuring out social media, trying out new gear, or meditating in the garden, I always had a plan. It is a constant creative outlet. A constant and changing dream. My reality of nearly 15 years in the making. My website is brand new, just a few weeks, so I’ve got tons to do, but I’m darn happy with what I’ve got. This is a great philosophy for life.

Kansas Love Bird  is the fruit of my creative outlet’s creative outlet. I wanted a blog that could free me of photography when I wanted to. I didn’t want to be tied to weddings, or portraits – but rather incorporate and blend these worlds of  all the people, weddings, portraits – and just darn good photography, and art, food and travels that my heart desires.
So, there it is. Kansas Love Bird and Love Bird Photo are both me. 100% independence, love, gratitude, and all things creative, just offered to the world in different ways. I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it weren’t for the influential people in my life.