90° in early May is just too darn hot for this Kansas (by way of Missouri) girl. But the best thing about this weather, besides the fact I get to enjoy my garden and take all the photos I want while I’m on vacation, is that fruit starts to ripen! Or wilt, if you don’t hurry. My early greens weren’t too happy today, but the little rabbit that pilfered my kale before I got to it sure was…

The two best parts about today was 1. watching my little 5 year old run in the sprinkler and play on the tree swing and 2. picking the first of this seasons’ strawberries! Holy moly were they delicious. We barely saved any for my husband! Oops. There will be more tomorrow, and perhaps I will share a little more. Maybe.

I fiddled around with Camera+ today, the iphone app that is edging its’ way to being more like a real editing software than instagram. Not sure how I feel about it, but that’s only because I haven’t really used it to give it a fair chance. So far, so good.